I was looking at a couple of non-PopShops sites and thought, "Hey, I could create a layout similar to that real easily in PopShops." So I went into my "Pro" membership Popshops dashboard and set up a new shop. Then I went to customize the layout. First thing I wanted to do was put the "Title" in large type ABOVE the "Image" -- OOPS!

Long story short -- I realized I can resize the photo to some extent with that little slider dealie, and I can change some colors of the title, description, and even flush right/left or center the copy and title and image -- but there's really no way to change the order of the elements.

Is that functionality available and I'm just not figuring something out? Is it available at the "Enterprise" level? Will it ever be available in PopShops at any level?

Anyone know what I mean and how to do it??