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    Question How to avoid pay affiliate twice with the same one transaction??
    I am using two affiliate system:Clixgalore and Regnow. My problem as follow:
    1, our one affiliate on regnow refers one customer to our site and buy one product, so we paid 30% affiliate fee to this affiliate
    2, a few day later, our one affiliates on clixgalore refers one customer to our site and buy the same product as "1", so we paid 30% affiliate fee to this affilate
    So, the problem is in "1" and "2", the product being saled is the sme one prodcut, but we paid 30% affiliate fee to two different affiliate. That is to say, we paid 60%(30%+30%) affiliate fee to the two affiliates.
    This case has been happened severval times. How to avoid this?

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    approve the affiliate in one network and deactivate in another network

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    My apologies if I don't fully understand your question, but I think you are concerned about the following scenario (one that many merchants face when using more than one affiliate platform).

    Site A, Through Program A - sends visitor to the site.

    A few days later (within the cookie history), Site B, Through Program B - sends the same visitor to site (after the visitor has continued to browse around the web).

    Anytime after the second visit has taken place... and the second cookie is set... the visitor makes a purchase, but both cookies track and both programs register the sale.

    Is that correct?

    It's a difficult situation because - technically - both affiliates referred the customer to you, and both affiliates probably spent some amount of money doing so.

    However, I do understand that paying double-commissions is not often possible.

    One solution to avoid paying double-commission is to clearly state in your terms and conditions (on both programs) that the last registered click owns the sale.

    It is VERY important that you put this in your program terms so that affiliates are aware of this policy.

    This will only work if both programs show date/time of the original click as compared to the sale (CJ and SAS do, but I'm not sure if the programs you mentioned do as well).

    Another option, which I have heard of a few times... but doesn't seem to be that common... is (again, posting it in the terms and conditions) to split the sale between the affiliates. I would go with this option only if... a) the clicks are SO close to each other or b) your platform doesn't register the timing of the referring clicks.

    Of course, it's been a few years since I've run the dual programs (were SAS exclusive now), so things might have changed since then.

    Does that help???


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    Thanks Pauls, what you said is very useful to me. That problem were not regular before, but it's happened more and more recently.

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    Its called "conditional representation". You set a first party cookie based on the referring URL being an affiliate link. Then you only fire the appropriate pixel. You want to avoid running dual pixels on a Thank You page.

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    yes, you are right, but there is the problem that is we have sereveral pending sales and we can't not decide to pay affiliate A or affiliate B.

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    I agree with Chuck. What I do with the programs I manage that run on different networks is assign unique, network-specific URL parameters to them and only fire the tracking pixel on the confirmation page that correspond to the network represented by the parameter present on the referring URL.

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    We also work with different networks and use the Last Cookie Count method. For this we built a script which decides which pixel needs to called if a consumer makes a sale. Therefore only the network where the affiliate, which was the last to bring the consumer, is connected will get a signal that a sale is generated. The sale has standard a pending status.

    With each sale we store a referrer in our own back end which is linked to a specific network and the specific affiliate. If the product is send, payed for and not returned we communicate via a batch that sale can be changed from pending to approved. This is all going automatically.

    With us all networks could provide us which such a script and they even helped us install it. By storing ourselves the referrers, etc we can check now and then if sale are archived right.



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    Ralph is correct; the script is the best way to handle this. I have the detail on the script. You can email me and I will provide. You could also contact your network who should be able to provide you with the same.

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    The easiest way i know to fix this is to set a local cookie with an affiliate link which defines which network last refereed a user to your site and then set a IF statement for the tracking code so only the last referring networks tracking is displayed, it should be about 1 hours technical work to setup and actually isn't hard but you need to make sure you setting you local cookie to the same length as your network cookie

    Drop me an email if you need any help with this.
    Rufus Bazley,
    [URL=]DataFeed and API Creation[/URL]
    [URL=]Marketing Site[/URL]
    [URL=]Treadmill Reviews[/URL]

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    Make sure they are only active in one network.

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    Referral for Script Work Please?
    I am in need of a conditional representation script and it sounds like a few of you on this thread either know how to do it or have a developer who can create the script. If anyone would like to pass me a referral to someone who can perform this work for us, we are happy to compensate the going rate for a script that works properly.

    Thank You

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