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    Automated links
    I understand you can get links via xml. Those links are related to individual products for every of your advertisers.

    What about banners and the other types? Is there any way to get those without typing them one by one?

    I want to build a customized "AdSense" (kind of) to deliver ads to my pages according to my own criteria.
    In order to do that, I need access to all my advertisers' links (banners, etc.), plus making sure the ads I show are not outdated.

    Is there any way to get those links in bulk?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    August 9th, 2008
    Please guys, I'd appreciate advice on this topic. Anyone?

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    You can get the links in bulk, but there is no way to be for certain they are current. Also an adsense site based on affiliate marketing will not work. To the end user it will look like a scraper site

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    Thanks netnow22.
    How come will my site look like a scraper site? Only for showing ads from different merchants in the same placement of the page on every reload?

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    LinkShare recently launched the Targeted Merchandiser API, which may be useful here. This API allows you to get products from an Advertiser that are contextually relevant to a page on your site. However it doesn't include banners or text links, just products. Following are the Advertisers who are currently enabled:

    Gardener's Supply Company, Inc.
    Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.
    Puritan's Pride
    Misco UK

    You can find more information and implementation guidelines in our help center here: In late August we expect to enable many more Advertisers for Targeted Merchandiser.

    Another potential solution is LinkLocator Direct. LinkLocator Direct is an XML data feed that provides publishers with the ability to access updated promotions and products from advertisers without having to create links manually by logging onto the Publisher Dashboard.

    There are three different feeds:

    * Home Links - Links to advertisers' default landing page
    * Text Links - Links to advertisers' LinkLocator-categorized text link creative
    * Banner Links - Links to advertisers' LinkLocator-categorized banner creative

    You can read more about LinkLocator here:


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    Thanks Ranae, that was very helpful.

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