Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce The Estate Vault affiliate program!

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Company Information:
The Estate Vault is an online document management system designed to provide people with ONE secure and accessible location for critical financial, legal, and personal information. The Estate Vault, Inc. was developed to overcome the daunting task of keeping financial, personal and legal documents up to date and in one place. Together with its strategic product partners The Estate Vault has wrapped up its unique service offering with a Credit Card Registry, Home Inventory Listing, Identity Theft Insurance, an online Legal Documents and Will Creator.

Did you know?
* 69% of Adults with Children do NOT have a Will
* 4 in 10 Adults Risk Losing Everything to the State Can Keep This from Happening. With your referred visitors get Banking, Finances, Mortgage, Insurance, Wills, Insurance- All in ONE Safe, Secure Online Location.

Get Identity Theft Protection at NO Added Cost! has these great features:
* $25,000 of Identity Theft Insurance
* A Credit Card Registry
* Insurance Policy Listing
* A Home Inventory Listing
* An Account Aggregator
* A Net Worth Tracker
* Estate Planning Tools
* Financial Calculators
* A Legal Documents Creator
* A Legal Will Creator
* The Executor's Companion
* 250 Megs to Store Documents and Pictures
* A Key Contacts Directory
* A Travel Registry

Affiliate Program Details
* $120 Average Order Size
* $38 Affiliate Payout (32% of transaction)
* You may NOT bid on the tradename but you CAN use the tradename and the destination URL in your ads!

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