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    May 31st, 2006
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    Crummy weather in boston - affiliate summit
    I arrived in boston on fri, took some personal time off but weather is not working with me. Shugs...

    Met lots of familiar and mostly friendly faces, from ABW and outside of ABW. skipped the SAS party due the funky weather.

    Currently wondering around and having dinners at Cheers.

    So how was your day at the summit?

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    November 3rd, 2006
    Yeah, the weather has been a disappointment. It wasn't raining last night, but it was still on the cool side.

    But it looks like even more rain over the next 24 hrs. Baseball game might be rained out?

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    Hey, weather has been the same all over the New England and Atlantic States coasts. At least you guys get to be at the forum!

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    Exactly there was tornatic activity near Westbury LI today be glad for rain.
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    My day was spent in airports and on airplanes trying desperately to get here. Looking forward to finally seeing who you are in person Eric! I just arrived about 45 min ago and now just getting settled in - will be wandering around the lobby soon looking for some grub and to see who is still around for the night.

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    Forgot what thunder sounded like and thought it was trucks unloading. Got caught in a shower yesterday.

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    The weather has been absolutely fine - indoors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beachy
    The weather has been absolutely fine - indoors.

    Boston was wonderful. Luckily, we arrived on Friday so we had two days of decent weather to explore the city before it turned rainy and chilly.
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