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    sales letter that I can not find
    I tried all over the inter net and forums. No one can find it. I don't think it exists. "How I Made a Fortune With a 'Fool' idea" I know Michael said he can find it but he would do a small favor to the world if he found it and put in in his swipe file. I don't think anyone has it or ever saw it. I have a ton of marketing books, none has the ad only the headline. Thanks for any help you can give me in this matter.

    find the ad and I will give you a free book "How to Find a Business without a dime"

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    Wow 25trees, YOU WON! You get a free book!


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    haha, that article is comedy:

    "This approach centered on profit sacrificing; a commitment to serve human race better and selflessly."

    I'm going to give that a shot. I'm going to sacrifice my profit for the betterment of mankind. Join me, reach out and let's make the world a better place, let's all go broke together. My favorite author, Henry Miller said:

    "I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive."

    Let's be happy.

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    That is an example of the thing that really irritates me the most about that place: Their editorial/author guidelines go on at length about the importance of correct grammar, spelling, quality writing, etc.

    Then they accept articles like that one which butchers standard English usage and punctuation. Either they completely ignore their own guidelines, they have inept editors, or they simply don't care. I've never quite decided.

    Yet they are held up as the ultimate standard for the best directory to use for article marketing and to get link backs, traffic, etc.

    Irritates me!
    Generate more fake news.

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