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    Direct Linking
    Hello all,
    Trying to get some understanding, please lend your insights.
    I want to do some direct linking with CJ merchants. Here are some questions I have:
    1. Is it true in general that if a Merchant has "Keyword Links" highlighted, that this indicates those merchants allow SEM?
    2. What's up with CJ's Keyword Link Code that looks like this (replace *** with jklmsl or something like that): http://www.************/click-2773015-10363953 I don't understand this. An encoded URL? I might understand using this for the destination URL, but what to use for the display URL for Google AdWords?
    3. What do these merchants mean when they say "direct linking allow, but you may not use our site in the display URL?" Then what else can you put in the display URL for a direct link?
    4. Lastly, how do create a link that is to a merchant's interior page (as opposed to the home page)?
    5. Any other tips for direct linking?

    Thank you for any help on sorting it out,
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