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    August 11th, 2008
    Help with ideas
    First of I need to know how to go about starting my own affiliate site. I would appreciate any example sites, how to sites or just some good advise. I really want to better myself financialy and be able to spend more time with my boys so I will work hard please help me if you can. Thnks Dwane

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    a lot of ideas are in this video:

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    Hi Dwane,

    Welcome to the board. The absolute best way to start learning is to spend the time to utilize the search function here. There are countless threads devoted to what you are asking and that information is archived as an invaluable information source for you.

    There is a lot of reading to do, but if you want to succeed, you will make the effort to invest the time in reading and learning. Once you have familiarized yourself with it, you can then ask questions and members will probably be more responsive. As you get started, understand that it is going to take time. It is not something that you achieve quickly, but through searching, reading, trial and error, patience and interacting on forums like this one.

    Good luck with your new adventure!
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    Good article on niche selection at http://www.affiliatemarketingintro.c...eresearch.html

    Hope it helps
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    web development
    I have some experiance in web design no html. my problem is comeing up with content I have 2 domain names one is the and if any one has any ideas for content please let me know. Im so glad i found this forum you guys are great and really know what your talking about. Thanks Dwane1

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwane1
    if any one has any ideas for content please let me know.
    I think the whole point of affiliate marketing is coming up with your own ideas. Not many people will give youideas they could implement themselves to build a successful site. Since you already have the domain names, I would think you already have your own ideas about what content to create. If not, you're in the wrong niches.

    That said, once you have a basic site together, many ABWers will be happy to point you to merchants that will fit your niche(s) and offer advice on monetizing your pages.

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    First thing you should know is, what are your products going to sell. Next, create a marketing plan and find a good merchant. Create a website and promote it your products.

    Good luck!

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