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    Anyone else noticing quite a few merchants from various networks moving to G now? I hope this doesn't end up been like what happened back in early Internet days when competition even as strong as it was got crushed by bigger forces. I'm sure we will still see the small indys and a few smaller networks but at the top end it could get interesting in the future. CJ still are the best converting network for me while Performics has always been the worse (except for 2 months last holiday season) and it is still the same. I guess it depends on who and how you promote and the merchants as well! I think many merchants, especially the ones who are not doing that great could make the move to where the company has got the history & the brand behind it.
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    It's all in the name and hype, no one is looking at what services each network is offering their affiliates, they just go to whatever is popular just because the name is popula

    CJ and LS have so many great tools P has 1/10th of those.

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    P/G does not have great tools, I am hanging in a little longer to see if the giant will awaken. Who knows what they have in mind..

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