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    Self Regulation Of This Industry vs. Government Regulation
    I've seen this brought up before, just saw it on Twitter. But what I don't ever recall seeing is some "meat" to the fear of government regulation. It could very well be something I have never thought of, so I'm looking for what that is.

    There are already existing laws and regulations on marketing. And most of them apply to what we do online. Because of the online dynamic, there are some new ones. We had CAN SPAM for example. Now with that, people still get spam. But that wasn't targetted at any ethical players, that was targetted to the bad players.

    So specifically what is the fear with government regulation. Not saying I want it but what do people think the government is going to do exactly? Are they going to say I can't post coupons, that you can't post product links? What? Why would you as an ethical affiliate or business be worried about it. I would think it's more bad players that would would be worried about it. Such as the CAN SPAM example.

    And self regulation, I don't even know what that means exactly. There are a lot of people that think there is more bad than good in this industry, I don't believe that but if you do, then why would self regulation make sense? If it is mostly bad, then that's not who I would want making rules and such.

    And what needs to be regulated exactly? Specifically. Again, there are already existing laws/regulations on what we do. And because marketing online brings some new things to the table, I do realize there are still some things to be ironed out.

    Wanted to add about government regulation. When people say we should have self regulation before we have government regulation, goes back to what I said earlier. Besides already existing laws, they already have laws and regulations for the internet:

    Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road
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    In my humble opinion this is how I view Gov regulation, 40% of it is bad, 40% of it is useless and only done to get brownie points with the public, and being very generous I'll give them 20% of it actually doing something really good for the benefit of all. The majority of is to help the big businesses that give them cash, or are really meaningless but look good when election time rolls around.

    Like CAN SPAM as you mentioned, did nothing to stop spam and while it was aimed at the bad players it had a negative on some ethical ones also. For example before that was passed I was able to send my newsletter out myself and now I have to use a service and pay for it. Let me add that while I NEVER spam and only send out a few newsletters a month to only those who subscribe through my site (I never buy leads or email addresses) I still have idiots at AOL who subscribe and then send a spam complaint.

    Any industry is better off with self regulation that having someone who dose not have a clue tell them how to conduct their business, and surly no ISP should be able to control which sites you should be allowed to see.
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