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    What is better playing music outloud using a laptop or an ipod?
    I am setting up my own music at my wedding (for the dance portion) and I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. I have speakers and an amp. Should I connect my laptop or my ipod to play the music? I am worried about breaks between songs and organzing the music. Which would work best for this? And what cords would I need for connecting them to my amp?
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    We have an annual halloween party and I just program everything on the MP3 player in a playlist and let it rip... the music usually ends (on its own course) at about 5 a.m.

    The challenges with this plan for a wedding are...

    1. It's hard to handle any kind of requests, without wreaking havoc with the playlist.

    2. I spent a good portion of the night checking to make sure the battery wasn't about to die on me.

    A laptop might work for a wedding because you could playlist some decent chunks of music, and then have the requested songs pulled into a different folder and pepper them in.

    Plus, you can plug a laptop in.

    As to connecting to the amp... well, that one I can't help you with.

    Congrats and best of luck at the wedding.

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    If you use a laptop you could just use Itunes which is a great party music player. You can setup playlists for styles or types of music. Randomize etc.

    Plus almost everyone knows Itunes. They could help you or just go pick what they want to hear.

    Just use the micro stereo cord out to the amp. Might be labeled green in color. Same cord as a headphone if your amp has an in for it.

    Make sure to keep your music in the highest sampling setting and dont care about the file size as it is your laptop. You might need to resample some music if you converted to lower setting.

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    I went to a wedding recently where a friend of mine did the dance music after the live band (and for about 5 hours prior to this too).

    He used a laptop and it all fitted seamlessly, he had up to about half an hour at a time to leave it to run without him (and when he did check it, it was nearly always just that - a check) and fitted requests in easily without any down time.

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