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    LS merchant datafeed problems, who is responsible?
    What options do you have when you have sent LS support AND a merchant numerous emails concerning the quality of a datafeed..?

    One of my merchants is high-profile and a perfect match for my site. However while the datafeed continues to grow, NO items drop out. They are still showing products from over a year ago, with amazing sale prices for items long since sold out.

    I've now sent 7 emails - it's frustrating as I have no intention of dropping the merchant, the current product list is marvelous; I just don't know how to get in touch with anyone who will even acknowledge the problem.

    Feeds aren't perfect, but other merchants have been responsive - is it the network's responsibility to deal with this..?

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    Is the merchant's program managed by Linkshare? If it is, there is almost no hope of ever resolving anything. I have had several of these high profile merchants, managed by LS, with issues. They both just shrug on EVERY issue.

    I look at what I can get out of them, and then I promote them accordingly. I think some of these guys are so big, they truly don't think they need us - so they ignore us. I have just had to get used to it, because I do make sales with them.

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    Which merchant is it, maybe some of us here know the affiliate manager and can help you get in touch


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