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    Since I'm building a content site with my own words I would like to add a copyright message.

    Should I make the copyright notice with my real name or my website name or website url?

    I vaguely remember something about copyright not covering "site names" unless it was the actual name of a company or business... or maybe that was trademark.. can't remember.

    Is a copyright notice even needed? maybe on one page or all?

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    The copyright must belong to a legal entity, however the copyright for any piece of intellectual property exists whether or not you have the copyright notice.

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    I simply opened a new business with my domain name added to my business name.

    It takes me 5 extra minutes a month to call in my taxes dues.

    Cost me $40.00 a year for city license.

    Of course if you want an official copyright; fill out the paper work and get a good attorney make sure he does not charge you more than $2000 and get your copyright.

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    This is a confusing subject and a confusing thread.
    The copyright exists whether you have a copyright notice or not, but if you don't have a copyright notice, someone else can steal your 'intellectual property', copyright it, and claim you stole it...
    I'm afraid I can't supply any answers because I'm trying to get my head around this entire topic myself

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