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    How can I search, link index page to detail page?
    How do I allow some one to search for a product ex. "Drums" or a brand ex. "shure" within the description field?

    Also, how do I link a image "moreinfo.gif" on the index page to the same item on the detail page?


    Randy Bass

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    One nice thing about static pages is that they lend themselves well to using off-the-shelf search solutions like Atomz and Google.

    As for the image link, by default WebMerge makes its tags into links (a feature you can turn off by just adding a nolink attribute), so just putting in a WM-ImagePath tag for the image should work well. See the entry for the WM-ImagePath tag in WebMerge's Help for details.
    Richard Gaskin
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    Here is what I originally had:
    <a href="[WM-AccessLink: id]" target="_self" class="txtButton"><img src="moreinfo.gif" align=absMiddle border=0></a>

    Here is what I think you recommended: (but I cannot get it to work - the image I am using is not in the database)

    [WM-ImagePath: moreinfo.gif]

    Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks!

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