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    Aug. 10th epn commission debits...
    Posted on the EPN blog:

    August 15th, 2008

    Hi all,

    On Sunday, August 10th we had an issue that affected reporting of eBay Total Sale Amount, Earnings, and EPC in the US, UK, AU, and CA programs. These metrics were double-counted for certain items, so some publishers will see overstated earnings amounts for August 10th. Affected publishers will notice an update in their summary reports on August 18th to reflect the correct amounts, as well as line items in their transaction download report to debit the overstated amounts. These line items will include the eBay Item IDs that correspond to the overstated amounts and will contain August 10th Transaction Dates.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this reporting error has caused and thank you for your support of eBay Partner Network!

    The eBay Partner Network Team

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    That hurt
    Barely made today what they took back...

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    If certain commissions were "double-counted" as they claim, then mathematically, the most one would expect to see would be a 50% reversal, for that date, right? Assuming that ALL August 10 transactions were double-counted, you would expect half of the total to be reversed, thus resulting in the correct amount. Unless there was triple-, quadruple-, quintuple-, whothaphuqueknowstuple-counting of commissions.

    Check your reports. I had reversals totaling 60% of my August 10 transaction total, which is mathematically impossible, given their explanation...
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