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    Hi I'm a new shareasaler and wanted to say thanks for the info that I've picked up from this forum. I thought I wanted to use sas, but after reviewing the comments and opinions, I knew I wanted to be on the SAS network.

    Is having a 2 tier program important? I haven't seen much mention of its use in any of the threads that I have read. I have some offline accounts that the 2-tier program is going to be important to, but online, is it important to the average affiliate?


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    Two years ago, I wrote this about two-tier programs:
    > ". . . most folks in the industry tell me that they just don't work. When I helped MovieGoods launch its affiliate program in 2001, we started out as a two-tier program (15% to affiliate and 3% to referrer). After three months, we had a number of successful affiliates, but no successful referrers. In fact, only one affiliate had enrolled in the second tier, and that was a "banner farm" site. MovieGoods decided to switch from a two-tier program to a flat 18% rate for affiliates." < (

    This past December, I wrote:
    > "Two-Tier Commissions: Many "prospective affiliates" (especially those whose sites audience is "web publishers" or "affiliates") will consider the possibility of earning "second-tier" commissions for the affiliates they refer to the program. (When I operated the web site in 1997-1999, a significant part of my affiliate earnings came from "second-tier" commissions. However, "two-tier" programs are less effective today.) I generally do not recommend two-tier affiliate programs, but it may be prudent to contact a sampling of prospective affiliates (especially your "best prospects") before launch to evaluate their attitude toward two-tier affiliate programs."
    < (

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