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    Tracking organic conversions
    Hi, this is a twist on a question I had a while ago that I still haven't solved.

    I have been promoting a merchant through a page on a Wordpress blog that has been convering.

    When a visiter clicks on the affiliate link on my page and makes a purchase, is there anyway to know which search from Google brought that specific customer to my site to begin with? I want to make the connection between the search terms and the actual sales. I can do exit link tracking with Statcounter, but that only tells me who went to the merchant, not who finally made a purchase.

    Thank you.

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    I am sure that it is possible to do that but with some programming or heavy duty web analytics.

    I know that for networks like Linkshare or CJ, you are able to pass "terms" or "keywords" to them and they can tie it back to what keyword or terms generate that sale. It is heavily used by PPC affiliates. Over at Linkshare, it is know as the Linkshare U1 or Linkshare Signature Tech.

    Now, the issues is for you to have a system to pass that "search term" to them.

    All the best.

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    You can add a plug-in for Google Analytics to your WP blog, search for it.

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    Google Analytics will definitely tell you what term your visitor used to arrive at your site. The networks should be able to tell you what was clicked on your site to generate orders.
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    The trick here is to combine the information on where the traffic is coming from with the SID/afftrack/signature tracking that the networks offer.

    Relying on analytics (Google analytics) for the search engine info is too late.

    Basically, you need to parse the search term out of the http_referer that you get from the search engine in real time so you know what the person searched for (and where). Then you pass that in the affiliate link in the appropriate parameter.

    Using Shareasale as an example, you'd add &afftrack=[keyword] to the end of the affiliate link.

    Then you can use the SAS afftrack reports to see what natural search terms are producing for you.

    This isn't terribly difficult to do with php. Though it can get a bit involved if you want to track multiple networks and across multiple pages on your site. For example, you need to capture the http_referer and keep the data with the user until they click on a link, which may not happen on the page they landed on. So session data/cookies are necessary.

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