This weekend I caught an affiliate who made copies of most of my blogs.

Not only this affiliate is using my Wordpress template (It could be fine) but:
- he did an exact replica of my blogs (same personalization, same CSS, similar logo, ...)
- he's using my blogrolls and directories with a few changes
- he took my email marketing application
Same look and feel, at first sight I though they were my own blogs.

Content stealing: I caught him by searching for a post I made after a thread started by an ABW merchant. The post was copied the same day.

This affiliate is using hidden domain registration (free domains hosted on Blue Host) and register clones of my domains (by example: ABestWeb would become ABestWebOnline)

This affiliate is an affiliate member. The blogs were removed 5 minutes after my last post on ABW:

The affiliate didn't switch DNS but removed all content from the index pages. The pages appear blank.
I've a dozen blog URLs on file (I did some research)

The affiliate IDs for the main networks are as follow:
Linkshare: id=BjnfQfGtmSM
Google Network (ex:PFX) pubid=21000000000027372
Commission Jonction: PID=1612303
Shareasale: u=94526