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    Couple of new user questions

    I just signed up for PopShops and it appears to be exactly what I am looking for, for a new project. However, I have a couple of questions.

    1. How do you customize the style to incorporate some of the elements shown in their example:


    Specifically, the "Buy it now at....." link on the bottom and the price at the bottom. All of the included styles have the price at the top, and the merchant is not a hyperlink.

    2. When I click preview shop, there was a backlink to popshops. Is there anyway to remove this?

    Thank you,


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    Working backwards...
    2 - - the branding is removed for Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.

    1 - I'm looking at the source of the example page and not seeing the marks of a PopShop-built shop (or at least the ones I'm used to seeing). It does look like portions of it might be, but there might be hand-built sections as well. It could also be a blog-specific output - they have TypePad, Blogger and WordPress, and I can't claim expertise on those.

    There are also SEO Rules that can be configured, including adding customized text to the product name and description. Additionally, in the customized panel, product name and description can be edited.

    Best of success!

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