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    Is this realistic?
    Hi Guys, I would really appreciate your input on this. I am looking at trying out some article marketing and I would appreciate any advice that you guys have on whether my logic and my assumptive numbers are accurate.

    Background; I have a small mini site that is currently not listed in Google. As it is new I think a large proportion of this is that it has no back links etc and has yet to be indexed. It is SEO and has a fantastic google adwords quality score.

    The question; if I create say 100 – 200 original content articles and submit these to say 100 – 200 article summation directory’s and the article is useful and has a good keyword density will I
    1) Get around 10 visitors per day as a result.
    2) Get increased search engine ranking as a result of back links

    I really appreciate your help and advice on this. Thanks in advance.

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    Depends on the topic, volume of search for your keywords, etc.
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    That will put you on the right track, but there isn't much that can be done to speed up google's indexing process... is your site new..? Even without backlinks, you should still be able to see your site using google's site parameter, ie.

    Also, keep in mind backlinks are given different weightings...

    My view is to continue the content, and submit only where relevant..

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    Quote Originally Posted by visitourmall
    Depends on the topic, volume of search for your keywords, etc.
    The volume of keywords is pretty good (a few thousand). The topic is relatively hot, ie it has coverage in magazines etc. not very specific but hopefully this should help a little.

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