Hello Team,

I am very proud to announce that we had many affiliate partners participate with the NutsOnTheNet.com cash bonus contest! Many will be winning hundreds of dollars in cash bonuses. Thank you for being active and showing your ongoing support. We are excited to show our thanks with these bonuses!

Congrats to one lucky affiliate partner who broke the record!

Affiliate #1: made $1,200.00 in sales and gains a $420.00 bonus!

For making sales of over $1000.00 our affiliate partner gets an additional $250.00. This affiliate partner still gets the $10.00 bonuses for each $70.00 in sales, meaning our NutsOnTheNet.com affiliate partner will have lots of extra cash. Big Congrats!

I want to thank all the affiliates that particpated in the Bonus Challenge!

It pays to be active with NutsOnTheNet.com! Join Today!