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    Need Niche Advice & Tools!!!
    I am trying to do some niche research and see what I am good at doing or my passions. What are the tools I will need to do this research? Or is there a guide I can I can go by? The stickies are great but a little bit confusing. Here are the steps I came up with. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Find my passions
    Find what I like to do or what I know about
    Narrow the categories down to 3-5 niches
    Use Wordtracker to look up keword phrases
    Use Google Adword Tool to look at cpc and monthly searches etc..
    Create a blog or website
    Write 3-5 informative posts
    Add adsense
    Get an account with Clickbank and search for product related to niche
    Promote blog or website

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    I like your list generally...
    Find my passions
    Find what I like to do or what I know about
    Thats great from a motivational standpoint, but if you can find a 'low hanging fruit' niche, your 'passion' will increase with your bank account.

    Add adsense
    Get an account with Clickbank and search for product related to niche
    I only add adsense later, on pages that get untargeted traffic, it just isn't competitive for targeted traffic (for me).

    Clickbank: I avoid subjecting my visitors to that. Depending on your niche, might be something of value there tho...

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    Not a bad checklist to get started, good job!

    A couple things that stand out to me:

    >Write 3-5 informative posts
    That's a little light on content. The more content you have, the better chance you have of pulling in traffic. It's like a fishing net - the bigger the net, the more fish.

    A couple other things - when doing your research, what sites are out there? Can you do or offer something better? Do it. Is there a lack on some specific area of the niche? Maybe focus on that.

    Also, try to determine how competitive the niche is before jumping in. You want traffic, but lower traffic with less competition is sometimes better - especially if you're just getting started.
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    Hey send me a private message and I will show you the best tool their is. I am new to this forum so I need you to PM me.


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    Guess what?? mekap04 is new also ... and you both can't PM, so we'll have to wait for poster #3 to drop the link ... now, that would be a real shocker!

    OH BTFW, "there" not their.
    Continued Success,

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