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    Is there any software to analyze datafeeds before you post them?
    Hey All,

    I was wondering if there is any software to analyze datafeeds before you post them? I am having problems with some instances when affiliates download my merchant feed there is some HTML mix up. I am trying to find a way or a program that will help me find this little problem. Anyone have any ideas or programs?? Anything will help.



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    Well - you could do what I do. I open the feeds that I download in Excel and fix them before I put them on my sites.

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    If removing HTML from your descriptions is your problem then you can run it through a very simple PHP script that strips your tags. If you've got a PHP script generating your feed already it's an extremely quick mod. Just add strip_tags() around the part where your description field is extracted.

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    You could use our tool here

    It allows you to view all the data, clean it up and make changes manually if you want to.


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