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    Has anyone seen sites like these?
    Has anyone seen sites like these in search results? /coppermine/include/modules/tmp558/cnf318/bottled_76.htm

    What are they? and how/why are they created?
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    Looks like nothing but spam from a site scraper to me.

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    I guess the webmaster of Lake Meade Fire And Rescue is experimenting with a new way to spam the search engines.

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    I have seen these type of sites around. Google alert tells me my site is listed (non-link). It has the same format as this but not the same url. It must be a new form of spam but not sure what the purpose is or how it's done. To make you click on the links? It is obviously scraped and maybe they have spammed peoples logs?

    This was the url:

    edit: I also checked the IP and it's not the same as the link from OP

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    These look like the kind of sites I've been reporting to Google. If you click the link either you see a page full of junk or else you are redirected to a flash image of a "virus scan" designed to scare people into buying some junk software or else to permit a download. I never stuck around long enough to see what's after the "scan". Google Alerts has been sending me the same junk alerts for months now and it took awhile to figure out what was up with it. Apparently Google likes their "page full of junk" format though because it moves to the top of the searches.
    Strangely, a few days ago I got a thank you note from Google and since then when I visit the new alerts places there is no more "virus scan".

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