Hi Everyone,

So I'm not new to affiliate marketing but I'm in a new position where I need to learn something from you. I've had my own affiliate sites (which looked nice but bombed on the money front) and have managed affiliate programs for three years as an in house manager (which did extremely well) but I've never owned my own consulting business before.

I just started my own OPM and it's very different from being an affiliate and an affiliate manager. I haven't worked with an OPM in my past experience and don't know what it's like to work with them.

So, what I'm looking for is some advice and opinions on what you've experienced working with other OPMs, what I should avoid, what I should definitely be doing, etc.

Does anyone have any experience or advice to share with me to help me kick start my business the right way?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing your thoughts.