Now, this is what I dislike so intensely about PPCs, the lack of control I have over how my money gets spent.

I use some PPCs, and am looking for business here in the U.S. . Apparently, if I am reading this properly, ps uses one of my PPCs on their site, as a results link showed up linking to my site from theirs.

This is the biggest problem that advertisers have with PPCs, and I feel there is a niche here, ready and waiting for a PPC that gives us absolute control over where we advertise.

If there was a PPC out there that listed their sites, and allowed us to check a box to advertise on the sites we wanted, why, that would be worth paying for. I would have some reassurance that the clicks are both legitimate and targetted.

I have found various sites where I pay to advertise on that specific site. Still, it would be nice if I could group fifty or so sites together, and bid on terms for searches.

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