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    4,731 - your text msg buddy
    Was listening to npr and they had a segment on chacha, on on new venture. It was prety interesting concept.

    You have a question and don't know the answer + no access to a pc to google?
    Just text msg them the question and a real person will reply in minutes.

    Apparently they r building their own content network for cell phone users. They pay those people answering between 20-30 cents per answer.

    They expect to make $ next year.

    I tried it and the answer was ok but i asked a crazy question like "when will i make my first million?"

    Pardon any typo. On blackberry

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    I posted about them a couple of years ago and actually got someone from ChaCha to come over to ABW and post

    I guess the text message stuff is new.

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    Cool concept. I wish there was an email option as well (for us BlackBerry folks)... but they do have the 1-800 number if needed.

    I guess they can't use this number as the "Phone a Friend" on Millionaire...

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    Nice concept , like 411 run by the people, for the people, of the people.

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    I thought it was a new venture but seeing that you posted this in 2006, and they are looking to make money in 2009, they sure have a lot of $$ to roll around in...

    Only diff is - they are focusing on TXT msg

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