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    Phone Call From Merchant Circle [.]com ...
    I received a phone call today from caller ID MC. I let it go to the auto attendant and the following recorded message was left.

    We're calling to let you know that after searching Google, a satisfied customer found your listing on merchantcircle[.]com and gave your business a rating. To see your rating, go to merchantcircle[.]com and enter your business telephone number in the blue box."

    I searched Google and Merchant Circle for Boomers Supply and came up short. Then I tried my consulting business name and bingo! The business name and address were listed on the site, but no ratings had been submitted. All stars were grayed out. The way the listing looked told me that some phonebook listing somewhere was scraped.

    Don't think I'll be entering my phone number in the blue box anytime soon. This was obviously misleading [dishonest] advertising. Reminded me a little of posting fake coupons.

    Anyone else get a call from them?


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    8,266 call...yet. But, to me, that seems like a "telemarketing" call, as a ploy, trying to get YOU as a subscriber to their service.
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    jacked by sylon
    I've gotten several of those calls and I don't answer either. I just let the answering machine get it. It's got to be some sort of scam.

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    I got one the other day...not sure if it was this company or not, but the wording was similar. He was trying to get me to sign up for "more exposure". I hung up.

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