OK, this has me stumped.. it's probly a result of scraping, but it isn't sitting well with me..

One of my domains has a (sort of) shopping engine which makes it more attractive to scrapers & bots, as compared to my original content site which just ranks well in its niche.

There's a new "magic" software out there that promises to make you tons of money as an affiliate through clickbank (blah blah).. for only $39.99, find out what it is...

So the referral to MY shopping-engine domain went something like this: mydomain.com.redirect.eu

(where mydomain.com=my own, and redirect.eu is their domain, ie. my domain is THEIR sub-domain).

When you click on the above link, it goes to the "magic" software. I don't get what they're doing, or how my domain name is being used.

I can post a link to the [scam] software here if it's permitted, did a search already & turned up nothing. This doesn't sit well with me in case my site is being targeted ... not even sure how... I've also recently banned some eastern european IPs that were crawling aggressively.

This is new territory for me, traditional content sites don't usually face these kind of issues.