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    CJ datafeeds
    How to request the datafeeds from from the particular merchants ?

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    There is a link in the CJ interface to Contact Us, then Ask a Question.

    Once you have been approved for the merchants, fill out the contact form and select the dropdown Category Data Transfer (Publishers). List the merchant feeds you want & they will setup a new ftp account for you. I know they had temporarily waived the initial setup fee a while back, not sure if that's still available. Otherwise, there is a one-time fee that gets deducted from future commission balances (you don't have to pay them directly).

    Anytime I need to add new feeds, I go through this process each time, they're pretty quick to respond.

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    If that doesn't work you can always contact the affiliate manager for the program and ask them to intercede. It does take them about a week to get the ftp setup so make sure you are reasonable with your request.

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    thanks teezone..

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