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    In the case the company you use to host your website's server goes down, what then? My husband and I host our sites at different servers (which I guess in this case is a good idea), however, his is the real money maker and his site was down from 6pm-12am last night (probably too busy watching the yankees to fix it). Anyway, they actually said it was a virus someone put on there.

    What I wanted to know is if any of you try to get your hosting company to do something for you; for instance a free month. I assume they're not going to pay you for the loss of and might have been sales..which really sucks since that is his busy time, but I think he should ask for a few free months or something. Maybe threaten to switch companies..he has done that often enough.

    Any advice is helpful.


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    Just my opinion

    Unless you have solid proof of monies lost, a server down not due to there error would be the equivalent of your DSL or Dial up not working for a few hours.

    My suggestion:

    Rant and Complain here at ABW so we can Rant and Complain about all kinds of stuff with you.

    By the time we all have ranted and complained we can go to bed HAPPY AGIAN!

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    Well, when our cable modem is down, we do complain to Comcast and get a credit for those days. I guess that's what we should ask for from this place too.

    Of course, it would only amount to a few pennies.

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