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    Recently I've received an email from google about updated tax compliance guidelines.

    I'm waiting to see what kind of page they put up to help users fill out their tax information but I would like any information if anyone is in the same situation or has done this before.

    I am Canadian and not sure which part of the letter pertains to me. This isn't exactly a "business" for me yet, I've made nothing so far yet their non US business with US business presence section confuses me.

    I am using hosting from a company in the US, the Adsense program itself is US based and they mention that a "business presence" can include having a web server or hosting service in the US.

    They say I will need a US Tax ID number and to apply using W-7 Tax forms.

    For commission junction I had to fill out form W-8 or something like that, how is this any different?

    Any other Canadians in the same boat?

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    Hello my neighbor to the north
    If you have made NO Money ther is nothing to Tax.
    This is just my opinion as I am not a tax expert.
    If you made some money (like 1K or more) there are lots of stuff you can wright off like The cost of your computer, internet access, office supplys, some times even a portion of your rent/morgage, power and phone bills and more.
    Hope this helps

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    Canadien Eh,

    The best tax advice I can give you, is to seek the advice of an accountant. When I'm not sure I always ask my acct. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Of course, I'd assume that with no income you would have no taxes to pay, and the same goes with write offs. You need to have income to offset the write offs.

    Good luck!

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    >and they mention that a "business presence"
    >can include having a web server or hosting
    >service in the US.

    I think they're jumping the gun. Replace "can" with "might one day".

    All they are going to do is scare all non-US webmasters away from using US based hosting companies, and the USG will have shafted YET ANOTHER business category.

    Any good deals out there for hosting in Canada or Cayman Islands? Location must be well connected to a major exchange in the USA.

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    The criteria for "Business Presence" seems pretty clear to me. Looks like I will be looking for a new hosting service.


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    I have do a lot of reading on US tax when my merchant ask me to send in a W8. Although the form are still confusing me, but what I know now is.

    1. I am a Nonresident Alien.
    2. Nonresident alien is only applicable to income source in US.
    3. The definition of source is define as where you physically generate that income. In your case your source in Canada and not US.

    AND conclusion, you are not reliable for US tax. Instead, you are realiable for tax in Canada! Pay you tax there.

    But who knows, US goverment can always come out with new tax rules that surprise us. Then it end up we will need to pay 30% withholding tax! Hopefully that won't be such a day.

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