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    61 goes 'Poof'
    Anybody know anything about this? Their program is gone, and they didn't respond to my inquiries. Damn thing was actually starting to convert for me.

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    Didn't receive any notice from the merchant or CJ. What happened? Their links on my site still work tho...

    Edit: I just did a CJ merchants search. is gone, and it is not on my "Deactivated Advertisers" report at all.

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    It was tragic. The programming department at took a hike. Got lost and fell off a cliff.

    I've had other merchants go poof. Sometimes it takes me several weeks before I realize the links are broken. went on my deactivation report about a month ago for a few hours, then came back. CJ does a poor job notifying us about the end of an affiliation.

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    It was tragic. The programming department at took a hike. Got lost and fell off a cliff.

    I know, CJ has lots of "new merchants" posts or news but when a merchant goes "poof" or "fizzle" they don't say a "peep"!

    I better go check my links now too...

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    Same problem here. My links still work - i.e. my visitors who click on them end up at, and not the inoperative link CJ page, but the clicks show in my report as clicks on invalid links.

    Last month, the same thing happened, except at that time my visitors clicking on the links were brought to the CJ inoperative link page instead. When that happened last month I had the same behavior on CJ, i.e. that they did not show up in any searches, and clicking on the link in my reports generated an error that was "logged" for someone at CJ to presumably take a look at.

    Anyway, after the day or so of problems last month it worked again, and I have generated commissions on it, but now it is broken again.

    This behavior seems more like a bug in the CJ system than a real deactivation. Though I did notice that that affiliate link on the front page of the site is gone this time around. Last time it was there but generated an error so it is possible removed the link simply because it was unreliable. But of course without communication from CJ we won't know.

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