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    Yoga and Pilates for guys
    Lately, I have been going to Yoga and pilates classes at my local YMCA. We have several Y's and a lot of offerings.

    There is usually at least one other guy in the class (which isn't a bad ratio). I have to admit that I really like them and the results. Previously, all I did was lift free weights and a little cardio now and then. I just have to get over saying I am going to "Pilates".
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    It does feel weird saying "i am going for pilates" rite

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    Fitness classes
    I recently started a "Boot Camp" program, after I realized that I was too tired to exercise after work, and that there was no way I was going to get up before work without having some extra commitment. It has a similar ratio, as on Monday I was one of two guys out of ten, and today I was one guy out of eleven. I think there's still a bit of a social stigma to fitness classes for guys based on the "leg warmer aerobics era."

    I think that's crazy. Yoga is really hard, and these boot camp classes are brutal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RSnapper
    Lately, I have been going to Yoga and pilates classes at my local YMCA. We have several Y's and a lot of offerings.

    I go to yoga class twice a week and do it on my own when I can't get to them. It is my favorite kind of workout. It's truly a mind/body workout. I could not touch my toes before starting yoga class last summer. Now I can press my palms flush against the floor without bending my knees! It also took care of the nagging lower back pain that I woke up to every single morning since I was in college. If you couple that with some cardio(I play basketball in a mens league, and have a court right next to my house) you will feel great!

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