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    How do merchants with multiple networks avoid paying twice
    If a merchant has a CJ, Shareasale, linkshare and even a live cash back account how exactly does the merchant avoid paying multiple commissions in the event a customer has multiple cookies. With linkshare and live cash back, I am not even sure they work on cookies so how does all previous visits get over rid?

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    I'm not familiar with live cash back, but it's very simple code to show only the correct network tracking pixel so that there aren't any duplicate orders. As for overriding the previous cookies that is a question of LIFO.
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    Now I have more questions.

    Within one affiliate network, if a customer first visits a merchant through a coupon site A link, then visits the merchant through a coupon site B link, and finally makes the purchase, then coupon site A gets the credit provided their cookie is still good? Is that correct. I thought it was the opposite, but it makes sense that within one network this can be sorted out.

    Assuming a merchant has two or more networks (linkshare, shareasale, CJ, etc.) Now, my question is what happens if that same customer visits a merchant through affiliates who are on different networks and makes a purchase. The merchant would have pixel tracking for each. Do the networks work together somehow to only credit one affiliate for the purchase? How?

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    When a merchant is on two networks, it is up to the merchant to determine which affiliate to credit, which is often accomplished with a cookie that is set by the merchant. In some cases the merchant has been known to give both affiliates half credit when this occurs.

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