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    I bid on keywords on using the CTR methods
    I have built up a solid account with CJ for the past two months. I am expecting to get a big check today... But now I got this in my email....What is a brother to do? Do CJ not approve third party directing traffic to CJ merchants? Will they cut me off if they find that I am directing traffic because I bid on words with another merchant? Any advice would be appreciative.

    "Commission Junction is currently investigating your account and has the following inquiries regarding your promotional methods:

    Please provide a detailed description of how you generate traffic to advertisers in the network.

    Please respond by replying to this specific e-mail immediately upon receipt.

    Failure to respond shall be deemed an admission of liability and acceptance of this letter as 15 days notice of termination, and may result in Commission Junction exercising its right to terminate the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement 15 days from the date of this written notice or sooner.
    Please note that current or pending payout(s) may be placed on hold pending notification from you and Commission Junction’s confirmation of your full compliance.

    If you have questions regarding this notice, please reply to this email using the provided reply-to address and leave the subject line intact."

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    Doesn't look good for you, can read up on them -

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    Its good that CJ is finally waking up to 3rd party parasites.

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    Whats a thrid party parasite?

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    Doesn't look good for you, can read up on them -
    Maybe try checking out the link provided. There might be some information there? The OP hints at some of the methods used to send traffic, CJ apparently objects to some methods and then a more information link is provided.

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    Hi Jodyq,

    Third party parasites are sites that download software on people's computers (usually without them knowing it), or bundle it into other software that users knowingly download. This parasitic software redirects links that honest affiliates generate to steal the commissions. If you click on the link that Trust posted, and 2busy reposted, it will take you to a thread about them. There is a whole section of this forum dedicated to parasites.

    Just like everything else in this world, there are dishonorable people in this profession who spend their time stealing from the hard work of others rather than working for themselves.

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    for more, see the link in my signature line below.

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