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    Red face 404 bad link tracking
    Great reading all this stuff here its really informative. I have a question as to why most of the products I have slected to test on my web site come up with a 404 bad link/tracking code. I have tried about 30 products and many have this error from companies such as Walmart. Is this valid? May these products Just be products that are deactivated or is their a linking problem with some companies and their products. Any insight would be helpful to save me from wasting time picking bum products. Or it it all just trial and error and the testing of each link? Thanks

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    Did you make sure you joined the merchant program of the products you were adding to your shop?

    What version of Popshop you using?

    If so, it could possibly that the merchant has not updated their feeds and the products are discontinued. The amount of errors seem pretty high and unusual.

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    Your affiliate ID is incorrect
    Please read the FAQ about LinkShare encrypted affiliate IDs . 404 is the error that LS gives back if you have either not joined the merchant program or have used an incorrect affiliate ID.
    Please confirm that you have added your AFFILIATE ID correctly. If there is a problem it is almost always because:

    * You are using your account number instead of your affiliate ID
    * You are using your account number instead of your LinkShare encrypted ID
    * You are using your email or login instead of your ID
    * You don't have an active/approved affiliate relationship with the merchant
    * You have a typo in your affiliate ID that is on file
    * You have an extra space either in the beginning or end of your affiliate ID on file
    * Sometimes the merchant has expired their affiliate program or dropped you unexpectedly from their program

    How to locate your LinkShare affiliate ID ("Encrypted ID")

    To complicate things a bit, LinkShare encrypts their affiliate IDs AND is case sensitive. To locate yours, you will need the LinkShare link that you generated from your LinkShare account.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Your LinkShare username is NOT YOUR affiliate ID and will result in broken links. Also note, you may have more than one LinkShare profile. Make sure you change the profile ID dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of your LinkShare account to generate the correct ID.

    1. Log in to
    2. Generate a link and grab the code
    3. Take a look at a the URL in the link that you have generated. For example:

    4. Your encrypted link ID is the 11-character alpha-numeric string that follows "click?id=".
    5. Do not include the "&" in the ID. In this case the encrypted link ID is "NS2Epm6ZsJo."
    6. Test your link:
    Go into ShopBuilder and find a LinkShare merchant that you know you have an active relationship with. Click a product, then click "landing page." If the link goes to the merchant's site, your encrypted ID has been entered correctly!
    Jessie Jones
    Create your custom affiliate store with PopShops.
    General support: support [at] | Merchant requests: merchants [at]
    (Include your popshops login, your shop name, and the URL or merchant you have an issue with.)

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    thanks all for the replies I thought I had the affilate code right but I have more than one website with Linkshare so I need to do as suggested and check out all link affiliation ID Codes.* I'll double check to make sure I have the right one for the right website. Seems I have more to learn about checking to set up a proper affilate link connection.* I'll get right on it.* Thanks

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