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    Gold Star for Dependable Merchants?
    I do realize that we've been round and round with ideas about dealing with merchants that go offline too often. But since it is a problem that continues to plague most of us, I thought I'd throw another idea in the hat.

    When we are looking for new merchants to represent, how about putting a gold star with the name of any merchant that manages to stay online for one full year without interruption? Put a "1" inside of that first gold star; if they manage two years, put a "2" inside; for three years add a "3", etc etc.

    This star could easily be placed in the column for "Vitals" (along with "auto deposit"; "auto approve"; cookie length; availability of 2 tier program; etc).

    The higher the number, the more dependable the merchant. This rewards "good behavior" and thus encourages more affiliates to get involved with them. Conversely, if you saw that a merchant did not have the star, you might be more inclined to check their "Uptime History".

    It's a carrot and admittedly not a huge one at that, but hey, every carrot helps....


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    I think that is a great idea. Not sure about the 1 year, how about last 6 month or an avg or something. At time, "crap" does happen and a super duper merchant might get elmiminated or have that star revoked which might not be too fair.

    I know with linkshare, they have their "Premium Merchant" which is similiar to your concept.

    I think a generic YES / NO for a Gold Star and that encompases many variables from payment (being online), merchant response, etc.

    Good idea and as a merchant, i fully support it.

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