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    Big Changes to Google's Quality Score
    I missed Donuts' mention of this in another thread this week, so I think it's worth starting a new thread about the latest changes to Google's "Quality Score" system.

    [url=]Google's August 21 blog post about its Quality Score changes[/b] identifies several specific "external" changes that will be visible to AdWords customers, and (probably more important) several vague or "internal" changes that won't be visible but are intended to improve performance (definitely for Google's bottom line, and possibly for advertisers also).

    Probably the most significant, visible changes will be the elimination of "inactive for search" designations, and the replacement of a "minimum bid" system with a "first page bid" system that reports whether your bids are sufficient to allow your ad to appear on the first page of results in a Google search for the keyword. Google is also promising improved precision in Quality Scores.

    Note that the changes were rolled out only to "a very small segment of advertisers" currently, so it's unclear when these changes will propegate to the rest of us.

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    This ought to be interesting.

    My guess is that the "Google Slap" they implemented ended up pricing Adwords campaigns right out of the market for too many affiliates. It's a case where they killed the golden goose trying to get more golden eggs. (Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People analogy)

    In essence, it seems that Google adversely impacted their own revenue source by pricing Adwords campaigns out of the market.

    Case in point; our new strategy is to optimize our websites to achieve good organic search positioning with Google; however we are considering taking out PPC ads on Yahoo and Microsoft for instances when the organic results are high with Google but low with MSN & Yahoo. We won't even consider any new PPC campaigns on Google right now.

    And it's a reasonable strategy for any affiliate to consider. The net result of Google upping previously ten-cent-per-click ads up to $5 per click has been to increase affiliates interest in using Yahoo and Microsoft ads!

    Cost considerations aside, there is also the fact that it takes hours to optimize a page -for the unknown AdWords logarithm, then re-writing ad copy until it's acceptable- all to hopefully -for the moment -have an Adwords ad running...until Google decides to increase the price on it and stop the painstakingly created ad, until you increase the minimum bid...again.

    It's just silly to use time doing all that when there are better alternatives. I hope they implement a change for the better, if so, then we'd come back to Adwords.


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    I agree with you, Working Mom. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    In early July, 99% of all my keywords across a couple AdWords accounts got flagged as "Poor" quality and the minimum bids were raised to unprofitable levels - 200%-2000% of what they were previously. For the past 2 years I had been happily spending a ton of money with Google, and that basically went to zero overnight, so maybe this is their attempt to get some of that business back.

    The "Google Slap" has decimated my business so I'm happy to see them making some changes to their flawed quality scoring system.

    Keep me posted if you hear anything new... still business as usual with my account.

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