Hello Team,

I just released the newest BigDiscount affiliate newsletter and its packed with information and coupon offers. I've included a few "snipets" of what we included in case your interested in using our coupons or taking advantage of our cash bonus:

Coupon Offers:

Do you have a coupon site or need a coupon? We've just updated the ShareASale "Deals and Data Base" section with two new hot coupons, please feel free below to use these coupons in your marketing strategies:

Coupon Offer: $5.00 OFF $60.00
Coupon Code: SUMMER5
Coupon Exp: September 30, 2008

Coupon Offer: $10.00 OFF $100.00
Coupon Code: SUMMER10
Coupon Exp: September 30, 2008

BigDiscount Cash Promotions:

Between August 18, 2008-September 30, 2008, will automatically give affiliate partners $10.00 Bonuses for every $80.00 in sales they generate. There are no limits to the amount of $10.00 Cash Bonuses we're giving out so take advantage!

If you havent JOINED BigDiscount.com, JOIN and GET ACTIVE TODAY!