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    Hi, I have the following question:
    S.o. asked me for exchanging links. Now I tried a link pop. test for his site, and found it quiet good. Then I tried a link pop. test for the site where the link will be set up (partner-site) and this has zero link pop. Does exchanging links improve my link pop. also if the site where my link will appear has no link pop. at all?


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    January 17th, 2005
    It's my understanding that not only will there be no benefit to you, but in fact, the swap will hurt you. I'm not saying that in time the link page is not going to get popular but... for the time being you are losing out.

    Check out this link for more detailed info.

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    You should only trade links where your link is on a page with a PR of 4 or better IMO.

    There are other factors to be considered such as how many links are on the page with yours, (which should ideally be, 10 or less).

    Still other things factor in such as relevancy to the particular topic, or theme of your site, and whether or not the page your link is located, is a pure link farm which Google for one, both frowns upon and penalizes for as well.

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