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    Is This Possible?
    I have a blog that would be perfect for relevant eBay listings. I haven't worked with eBay at all, so I'm in new territory here. I've looked at their site, but am a bit overwhelmed with info at the moment....

    At the bottom of my posts, I have Adsense ads that are built into the template..... is there any way to replace that Adsense code with some sort of eBay code so that it will dynamically show current relevant auctions for keywords on the page..... so if I talk about cars in one post, it will display car auctions and if I talk about jewelry in the next post it will display jewelry auctions.....

    Or am I just p*ssin' in the wind lookin' for somethin' like that?

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    Hi kayecee. I don't know of any ePN widgets that will give you pertinent search results automatically. I suggest using the ePN editor kit to create the listing using whatever search terms you set. On our site the editor kit link is composed dynamically from a search term field in the product database for any given product. You'll need to do some programming to set anything like that up. It wouldn't be that hard changing the search terms in the link at the time that you create you blog entry though. It would be well worth the effort though as ePN commissions are way more lucrative than AdSense ones.


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    Sounds like a great idea Kayecee. I'd say absolutely do it no matter what it takes. Boomer's advice will get you started.

    You could also develop a pop shop for every blog post topic you do and just pop it into the template. Lots of ways to play with his idea.

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