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    Promoting affiliate business
    Can anybody give me some suggestions of promoting the affiliate business.

    I have gone through the E-book and there are lots of ways to promote, but want to know which one is better.

    26 ways to promote your affiliate business:

    1. Google adwords
    2. pay per click search engines
    3. payid yahoo! listing
    4. Googele premium sponsorships
    5. Ezine advertising
    6. Build an opt-In Mailing list
    7. Publish and electronic newsletter
    8. Use auctionss to promote your affiliate products
    9. Site submission services & software
    10. Free directory listings
    11. write Ezine articles
    12. Search engine listings
    13. Group and forum postings
    14. Link trading & posting
    15. Use an email signature
    16. Start page traffic network
    17. Refer-a-friend
    18. Personalized stationery
    19. Speaking engagements
    20. Classified ads
    21. Press releases.
    22. Trade publications
    23. Wear your URL
    24. Promotional Items
    25. Tell your friends and family
    26. Happy customers.

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    You'll get a 100 different answers from a 100 different affiliates. You can make "the best" of any method if you learn, implement, test, re-lean, re-implement, and re-test. That's pretty general I know, but that's the nature of the business.


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    Ditto with what Boomers said. Pick the ones that appeal to you, and then work your butt off perfecting them. You will soon find you can be very successful.

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    I personally believe that there is still plenty of room for innovation and enhancement of the user experience. Use your creativity. You better have one.


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