I was a FeeBay seller for quite some time and I sold in a niche market called "airsoft" which are toy gun replicas that shoot plastic 6mm ammo. Needless to say FeeBay has been screwing sellers in certain niches with all of their policy changes. Anyway, I have since moved to a website, like many of my competitors, and have maxed out my inventory but I'm no adwords expert (though I do run a small, unsuccessful, campaign) and I have no idea who would be interested in constructing a "working" campaign in a small niche market which had great turnover on FeeBay. I know many airsoft websites have grown since their meager beginnings so I know that it is possible. It's just that I'm running out of time and cash and need to move this inventory. I need to know if my website could survive without the need to go back to FeeBay. All I'm asking is that if anybody could point me in the right direction. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.