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    Would you be an affiliate for this company?
    We own the busiest fundraising website on the internet. We have now created a sister company that focuses on Earth Friendly Fundraisers.

    The Green option has adequate enough margin where we could offer an affiliate program paying 10% of sales on any fundraisers. The typical brochure type fundraiser is around $700 so the commission would be around $70.

    The problem, though, is that groups "book" fundraisers today to hold in the future. So affiliates would see fairly substantial delays between the "booking" and order placement. Some times that delay might be 90 days.

    However many of you have websites that target Mothers, families and other wonderful demographics that will be involved with fundraising.

    My question is whether affiliates in general would consider this type of program?
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    In theory, yes. In practice I'd have to see a strong benefit to the customer in order to effectively market it to our working moms.

    The first and last question for any marketing campaign we undertake is always, what's in it for the mom and/or her kids? In the five years we've been online, altruism doesn't motivate our target market. It just doesn't. However, they do respond to products and services that make their own lives easier or save them money.

    If the eco-fundraising program accomplishes those two goals somehow, then it should do well. Those are my two cents.

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