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    I just noticed tonight that ABW is slowly beginning to fill up with some older forums. As ABW gets more and more active forums, these older forums are just sort of taking up space and slowing loading and all.

    Maybe it might be time to either remove these older forums (like One Travel and any other forum that has been discontinued for a couple of months), either by deleting them or by moving them into their own seperate "space" that is out of the way of everything else.

    Anyways, just a thought, since I'm sure ABW will be having more closed forums over time as some merchants come and go.


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    Yeah, there is a lot, 157 forums or so. I wonder what site on the web has the most? Don't know, maybe combine some, get rid of the ones where no one has posted in over a year. I see Idebthelp has a forum with no posts since Feb. Official AbestWeb™ Merchandise forum, instead of a forum maybe a link on the nav bar? What is that THMEDIA forum on the very bottom under Affiliate Content Tank, don't even know what thats for, has no posts. I think you can hit the - by the forums to collapse them, i did that a few times.

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    I think some spring cleaning gets my vote too

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