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    To stay an Affiliate or become a Merchant?
    Here is what I want to know. If you create a content/networking site and build up your traffic, over time what would you do?

    1. Stay as an affiliate and promote other sites products (Stay as an affiliate).

    2. Offer your own products that fit your sites audience (Become a Merchant).

    3. I guess you can always mix the both right.



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    If you're going to become a merchant be prepared to have the problems a merchant has - phone support, customer service, and etc.

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    You can't mix them on the same site if you are going to be a merchant WITH an affiliate program. If you aren't planning an affiliate program of your own you can mix the two on a site, many very successful affiliates are doing it already.

    Your questions are a little confusing since your title is an affiliate manager already
    Deborah Carney

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