First of all, let me start off by saying that I'm a struggling merchant entrepreneur and I wish that that there were only about 20 more hours in a day! I know many of you affiliates feel likewise, so I thank you now for taking the time to read the rest of my post.

My 'gig' is that I work with inventors to take a good idea from imagination to reality (in an honest partnership fashion too!). This process could include design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, initial internet sales site, marketing, retail sales, licensing...la di da. We wear many hats here too!

There' only a few of us here, and we have somewhat found our niche or 'home' with more specialty or niche type of products. (few current/recent examples: HotSnapZ, NoseBudd, Fence-Fun, Hydro-Edge, Homedics Brethe solutions)

As part of this process, we typically start each project on a shoe string budget and attempt to build the product in a way that keeps building success upon previous success.

I'm here seeking advice or reviews from affiliates on whether our HotSnapZ product (or others) might be an attractive candidate (or not) for affiliates on a program like ShareASale?

We have a >5year track record of online HotSnapZ sales and CPC search engine advertising and we're considering taking the plunge into an affiliate program. fyi...HotSnapZ does well above average on CTR and Conversion rates during cooler months of Oct.-Apr.

Without further boring everyone with details, we know we could offer affiliates a program that should provide an average affiliate commission of around $3-$6 per order.

To 'cut to the chase'...is the sort of product like HotSnapZ and this commision level something that would attract affiliates and be worth our time setting up?

Axxim - HotSnapZ