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    Google now gives the opton to replace the public service ads with some other banner.

    Has anyone tried it yet? What would be a good substitue for them. I have adsense in every page with very diffrent categories and products and don't know what to push to maxamize that ad space

    Any ideas?


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    You can try putting up a banner for your newsletter or forum if you have one. Or any other message that you want to show your user. This way, at least you choose the "null" ad instead of serving up Google's. Note there is a litmied physical space requirement for this.

    Hey anyone seen a null ad from google yet? What does it look like? On one of my new pages, it served up an ad for my index page.

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    I did not try the option, decided to wait it out. Google is growing by leaps and bounds eventually they will have it covered.

    That is my hope anyway.

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