We are proud to announce the addition of Blue Nile to our list of premium marketers.

The Blue Nile program through Google Affiliate Program is now available for you to apply. Please carefully read the information below regarding the launch and application process.


1. When is the official launch date?
The launch is scheduled for 12:00am EST on September 16, 2008

2. When will my current Blue Nile links with the LinkShare stop working?
The current provider links will deactivate on 11:59pm EST on September 15, 2008

3. When can I apply for the program in the Google Affiliate Network?
The application process for the program is currently open. Please click on the link below.

Join Blue Nile Program Now:

Login to ConnectCommerce if prompted, and complete the application process by selecting the checkbox next to Blue Nile and clicking the 'Apply to Selected' button.

Sales are not commissionable until the launch. You will be able to start building links as soon as you are approved, but the commission rate in ConnectCommerce will be set to 0% until the program is live on September 16, 2008.

Commission Rate: 5% of Net Sales. The maximum commissionable revenue per order is $12,500.

Current Top Promotion: Free FedEx® on Every Order. Blue Nile is proud to offer free FedEx® shipping on every order within the US and to 27 international countries.

Blue Nile Product Data Feed - If you're interested in the datafeed, once approved to the Blue Nile program, please send an email with "Blue Nile Product Data Feed" in the subject line to BlueNile-affiliates@google.com with the following information.

* FTP Address
* FTP username/Login - The username/login used to access the server
* Password - The password used by the user to access the server
* Directory (if it exist) and File Name -The directory and file name where the file will be picked up(e.g. home/catalog/filename.txt)

If you already receive other product data feed from Google Affiliate Network, simply provide your publisher ID or username and request to add the Blue Nile feed to your current feed list.

Please contact us with any questions. Blue Nile and Google Affiliate Network look forward to growing this relationship to be even more successful in 2008.

Google Affiliate Network